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Financial Benefits | Installing a woodchip biomass boiler

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Renewable Heat Incentive, Eligibility and Finance

Whatever your requirements we are on hand to give an accurate account on what you could expect to save over the product’s lifetime


Renewable Heat Incentive (UK only)

The RHI is a Government funded scheme administered by OFGEM, with index linked payments made quarterly for twenty years, based on the amount of heat generated.

The full cost of a typical installation will be paid back over six to eight years, so a biomass boiler can be an investment which generates a return, unlike any fossil fuel boiler. As a further benefit, wood fuel usually costs less than LPG or oil.

RHI rates are reduced in stages as the number of installations increase, this is known as degression. Please see our news page for the latest RHI rates.

We can

Confirm your eligibility for the RHI scheme

We will ensure the design of your system is compliant and fully support you through the application process.

We install boiler systems larger than 45kW for businesses and multiple domestic properties, which both qualify for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Meter readings must be submitted to receive payments, and records of fuel purchases and servicing must be maintained.

To receive RHI payments, the heat can be used inside a permanent and enclosed structure, and only for commercial cleaning or drying if outside.

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We also offer

Financial Support

Putting you in control of your RHI benefits*

Through our finance partner, Cornerstone Capital and Investments, we offer a range of finance packages tailored to your needs. All our finance packages are geared in such a way that the RHI benefits are yours.

We also offer our Camino boiler Flexi-Scheme, pay 50% now and the rest INTEREST FREE over the next 3 years.

*Subject to Status

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